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Natalie is passionate about changing the way business people are engaged with when change is coming. This passion has been built from experience engaging with different cultures in Perth, London, Sydney and Adelaide and understanding how to lead teams towards greater change success. Natalie has led successful IT change management projects by applying change management principles at each stage of a projects life cycle. She believes no two projects are ever the same and stays up to date on the latest thinking in change management, training, communications and stakeholder management. Key to Natalie’s success on projects has been building strong relationships within the project team and the business and not being afraid to take on the more challenging work. On IT projects, this often includes taking the tech out of tech talk and helping adopters to discover what’s in it for them. Good communication up front assists in taking people on that journey, followed through by targeted and tailored training developed by listening to their needs. The bigger the change the greater the change effort needed. She is passionate about ensuring the CMI provides an opportunity to educate people about the role they can play in change management, particularly marketing, communication and training professionals. Natalie has a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma of Instructional Multimedia which have both assisted in her ability to be able to develop and implement successful user adoption strategies. More recently she undertook the RIMER Diploma of Organisational Change Management and integrates this with other approaches such as Kotter and Prosci.