How to bypass the Office 365 login redirect page with ADFS

Office 365’s single sign-on capabilities with ADFS are a great improvement over dual-identities, and it takes online users a step closer to the seamless experience they have become accustomed to with an on premise web application. If you’re looking to set it up, Microsoft provide some great information and even some step-by-step videos: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3061192

But, once you’ve got it all hooked up you quickly find a couple of unexpected “features” that can ruin your user experience.

If you are aware of these features and have tried everything, jump to the end of this post to see the magic! It’s not rocket science, but the workaround isn’t obvious and the technique isn’t overly well documented or communicated.
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Why is working on a Healthcare project so different? (Part 1)

I have been working in healthcare projects since 2008 and have learned about some of the differences of working on projects in that industry to other industries. When you come across situations that are different, you can begin to appreciate why they are different, and the surprises due to one’s inexperience start to make sense. Read more…